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Buena Vista Sonoma Zinfandel 2020
United States
California - United States
  • S$66.00

Buena Vista, Sonoma Zinfandel - aromatic red wine, harmoniously combining the richness of fruit tones and light tones of oak. The wine is made from the widely cultivated in California Zinfandel grapes grown in the Sonoma Valley. Some people believe that this sort of the first time in the United States from Europe brought the Count of Buena Vista - eccentric, extraordinary man, the founder of the eponymous winery. Since then, for California Zinfandel has become as iconic as the Malbec for Argentina and Carmenere in Chile. The soft tannins and fresh, sweet fruity notes made him a favorite of many winemakers, despite the fact that the dark-skinned grape variety is very sensitive to climatic conditions. The intense heat promotes rapid fading of berries, so cool summer in Sonoma Valley, as well as refreshing Pacific breezes, is the best suited for the slow ripening of the grapes. Grown in the fertile lands of Sonoma County, it fully expresses the terroir characteristics of this unique region. In the process of making wine grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats and then performed an excerpt for 10 months in barrels of French, American and Hungarian oak, 10% of them - are new. Wine Buena Vista, Sonoma Zinfandel can be consumed at a young age, or withstand a few years in the bottle. 

  • The wine is intense cherry color.
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  • Rich, elegant, well-balanced wine has a pleasant acidity and soft tannins, with dominant fruit notes, hints of blackberry, blueberry and light oak nuances. The finish is long and harmonious. More: https://winestyleonline.com
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