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About Winery

Since 1896, the Marenco family has been a small producer with the ability to translate enology and terroir for generations. Giuseppe Marenco brought a modern approach to Marenco’s winemaking in the 1950s, expanding their efforts from grape cultivation and sale to the complete production of wines that reflected the territory of the Monferrato hills. Giuseppe also slowly bought other key properties in the Strevi hills to complement his father’s original holding, La Marchesa vineyard in the Bagnario Valley. Today, the Marenco family presides over 160 acres of vineyards, carrying on the proud tradition of crafting quality wines that showcase the area’s microclimates.

Michela, Patrizia and Doretta Marenco

Giuseppe’s three daughters have taken over his dream, overseeing all aspects of Marenco, from the cultivation in the vineyards, to wine production, to the marketing of these distinct wines in markets around the world. Michela with her husband Giovanni Costa, Doretta and Patrizia, the enologist, collaborate with specialized agronomists in order to maintain the traditional growing systems of the vineyards, to respect the strict cultivation guidelines of the region and to optimize the quality of the grapes through tailored field techniques.

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