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About Winery
Tabalí was one of the first wineries to settle in the Limarí Valley. It´s one of the most promising valleys of the country and it´s located in the North of Chile. The proximity to the Atacama Desert and to the Pacific Ocean, as well as the presence of limestone soils, brings an exceptional and unique terroir, ideal for the production of high quality wines.

The winery was designed and constructed to recall the Molle Culture way of life. This ancient culture of the North of Chile, used to live at the bottom of the ravines to protect themselves from the heat and provide them with water, vegetation and shade.
Constructed in the ravine, the winery integrates the stunning landscape and natural surroundings, the steel casks are cut against the hills and their vegetation.


Felipe Muller

Felipe Muller (winemaker) and Hector Rojas (viticulturalist) have attributed to their cabinet full of the wine world’s most prestigious trophies. In 2014, Felipe Müller was name 'Chilean Young Winemaker of the Year' and acclaimed for his ability to understand Tabali´s distinctive terroir and use it to create remarkable wines, unique to Chile.

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