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Domaine de Bargylus

Syria, Latakia

The Domaine de Bargylus comprises 12 hectares of vineyards on a tree-lined plateau in the Mediterranean province of Latakia, northwest Syria – some 900m into the hills above the country’s largest port. The Romans used the same verdant slopes of what used to be called Mount Bargylus – now Jabal Ansariya - for their own wineries two millennia ago, as did the Greeks and Phoenicians.

Cited by Pliny the Elder, Mount Bargylus, known today as Jebel Al-Ansariyé, spreads from the Orontes Valley near the ancient city of Antioch to the Eleutherus Valley in the south of ancient Emesa. This land is a country of mystery and legends where wine and alphabet were revealed to man and where the ancients grew vines more than 3000 years ago. Located in the hinterland of the Hellenistic city of Laodicea –the modern Syrian city of Latakia- and the Canaanite metropolis of Ugarit, the slopes of Mount Bargylus were richly covered with vines during the Greco-roman era. The Bargylus wine estate is precisely located near Deir Touma, literally translated as the “convent of Thomas”, not far from the archeological vestiges of the crusading era and the famous Saladin.

Domaine de Bargylus Red 2010
Deep purple hue, the nose is complex with notes of spices & truffles. There is precision in the ..

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